Damage Control

Book 3 of The Buckner Thriller Suspense Series

L.A.’s mean streets—filled with vulnerable children. Some are stolen.

Los Angeles Police Officers, Amber and Roy Buckner, want to end their marriage amicably, while diminishing the fallout of the split for their three-year-old son, Gage. But those plans get placed on hold and their lives upended when Gage goes missing.



Damaged Goods

Book 2 of The Buckner Thriller Suspense Series

The murder of a cop—a decade old. A stripper with a secret. A stressed cop investigating both. Will the cop’s career and marriage survive?

LAPD Officer Roy Buckner juggles a new assignment in the Robbery-Homicide Division cold-case unit while stepping up as mom and dad to his toddler son. Supporting his wife’s need to become a police officer is Roy’s gesture of just how much he loves her.


A Deadly Blood Moon

Book 7 of The Deadly Thriller Series

A desperate cop. A secretive stranger. A dark connection that could get them both killed…

LAPD detective Maddie Divine tries to honor the memory of her fallen husband by fulfilling a promise she made to him and dedicates herself to care for his senile father. Unfortunately, her career ambitions tend to clash with the reality of her solemn word. Just when she needs to lock down a high-profile homicide, Maddie receives an urgent call from the old man’s assisted living facility saying he’s vanished without a trace.


A Deadly Prayer

Book 6 of The Deadly Thriller Series

A botched robbery. One victim clinging to life. The suspect dead. Just another typical Monday night in Los Angeles.

LAPD Detective Maddie Divine is assigned to work with the Valley Bureau Homicide detectives on what seems like an open-and-shut case. However, the investigation evolves into something far more sinister. Maddie teams up with fellow Detective, Gunner Ferrari to elicit facts amid secrets, deceit, and greed—all revolving around a charismatic preacher and his celebrated church.


A Deadly Beauty

Book 5 of The Deadly Thriller Series

A beauty pageant turned ugly…

A local beauty contest is being terrorized with threats to the pageant officials and contestants. When one contestant is killed, and another contestant’s mother goes missing, Detective Maddie Divine is drawn into the case. But she has more on her plate than disappearances and death. Her elderly father-in-law suffers from dementia, and he’s been wandering away from home.


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