Crime Tips

General Halloween Tips


Always escort your children. If you cannot escort your children, you should select another trusted adult to escort them.


Children should never accept rides from strangers.


At night, children should stay on well-lit streets.


Instruct children not to stray from their group.


Children should never be allowed to go out alone.


Always know who your children are with.


Only give homemade treats to children you know. Make sure the treats are properly wrapped.


Children should never take shortcuts through backyards, alleys or parks.


Instruct your children to never enter the home of a stranger.


Children should wear identification bracelets.


Keep your pet(s) indoors or other in another safe place.


Tips Regarding Your Home


Turn your porch light on to let children know it's all right to visit your home.


Walk through your neighborhood with others to dis courage acts of malicious mischief and speeding motorists.


Do not leave your home unattended.


Never invite children into your home.


Costume Tips


Children should wear costumes made of white or light colored material. The costumes should be fireproof. If the costume is made of dark material, attach reflector tape on the costume to increase nighttime visibility.


Children should wear comfortable, proper fitting costumes and shoes. Oversized costumes, shoes, boots or loose fitting high heels can make it difficult for children to walk. 


Props, such as toy guns, swords and knives should be made of soft rubber, Styrofoam, cardboard or other pliable material.


Replica firearms that could be mistaken for real firearms should be avoided.


If your child carries a jack-o'-lantern, a flashlight should be placed inside, not a candle.


Children should use non-allergenic facial makeup instead of masks. Make sure you apply a thin coat of cold cream before application of any makeup. The makeup will come off easier if you do this.


Masks can restrict vision. If your child wears a mask, make sure he/she removes it when he/she crosses a street. 


Children should carry trick or treat bags that have strong straps or handles. This allows a child to carry the bag in one hand, leaving the other hand free.


If Your Children Trick or Treat With Someone Else


Instruct your children to stay in their own neighborhood and to trick or treat at homes that have porch lights on.


Set a specific time limit for your child/children to be out.


Know the exact routes your children will take.


Thanks to the Los Angeles Police Department for these tips