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"1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12, unknown trouble, 714 Dragnet Drive. Meet the PR (person reporting) in front of the location."

Hi, I'm Kathy Bennett, and welcome to my website.

I worked for the LAPD for 29 years. Eight of those years were as civilian employee. The other 21 years were as a sworn police officer.


I did not dress like this in either assignment. My 'Bond girl' imitation is meant to convey my good sense of humor and the fact I don't take myself too seriously.

What I do take seriously is my second career as a mystery/suspense writer. I work hard to bring you thrilling, entertaining, and suspenseful crime novels. I draw on my experiences from working the streets, and life itself, to bring you authentic crime while telling arresting stories.

While you're here, take time to look around…

Oh, and the reference to Adam 12 and Dragnet at the top of the page? That's a 'tip of my hat' to the two television shows that inspired me to become a cop. On Dragnet, 714 was the number on Sergeant Joe Friday's badge.


Crime Prevention Tip of the Month:

Did you know residential burglaries increase during the summer months?

Going on vacation?

If you trust your neighbors, notify them if you'll be on vacation. Ask them to watch for unusual activity or strangers at your house. Many burglars 'caught in the act' are apprehended because suspicious neighbors called police.



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